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Founded in Bilbao in 2005, Sayaka Producciones has been operating as a subsidiary of Arsénico Producciones since 2008. Nahikari Ipiña (in charge of the Executive Production), Borja Cobeaga, Borja Crespo, Koldo Serra y Nacho Vigalondo are its members and cofounders.

Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes was its debut film, co-produced with KV Entertainment and Fine Productions. Ever since its launching in 2007, Timecrimes has known an increasing fame as a film of reference for sci-fi lovers. Magnolia pictures distributed the movie in the United States. Steve Zaillian, writer of Schindler’s ListAmerican Gangster,Gangs of New York and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is currently working on a remake to it.

Short after, in 2009, Sayaka, Telespan and Antena 3 Films co-produced Pagafantas, an extremely successful feature film directed by Borja Cobeaga. 300,000 people attended the theatres to watch it. The movie met with some very favourable reviews and was awarded with more than 15 prizes, among which the critics’ award and the award for the Best Debut Writer at the Malaga Film Festival. It was also nominated to the Goya for Best Debut Director and for Best Debut Actor.

Sayaka, Telespan2000, Antena 3 Films, the Basque Government and Euskal Telebista were involved in Borja Cobeaga’s second feature film No controles. The movie was launched in 2011. Unax Ugalde, Alexandra Jiménez and Julián López star in this comedy, which drew positive reviews and opened the Gijón Internacional Film Festival that year.

Extraterrestrial (2012) was the second feature film directed by Nacho Vigalondo, and was co-produced by Sayaka, Apaches Entertainment and Antena 3 Films.Extraterrestrial is a sci-fi comedy performed by Michelle Jenner and Julián Villagrán. The film competed in the Toronto Film Festival, in the Fantastic Fest in Austin and in the San Sebastian International Film Festival. French distributors Wild Bunch and Focus Features have launched the movie in the United States.

Some of these films have known a worldwide trajectory, as did the short films 7:35 in the morning (by Vigalondo) and One Too Many (by Cobeaga), which were nominated for an Academy Award for Live Action Short Film in 2005 and 2007 respectively and have won awards in more than 70 festivals.

Other shorts films internationally succesful include: Snuff 2000 (by Borja Crespo); El tren de la bruja (by Koldo Serra); Kinky Hoodoo Voodoo (by Velasco Broca); Choque,Domingo and Marisa (by Nacho Vigalondo); the anthology western Limoncello (by Borja Cobeaga, Luis A. Berdejo and Jorge Dorado); Cirugía (by Alberto González) and Velasco Broca’s Avant Pétalos Grillados (Grand Jury Award for Best Experimental Short in Slamdance Film Festival 2007 and shown at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2007). More recent works include Dos manos zurdas y un racimo de ojos manchados de gris (by Antonio Trashorras, writer of Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone), co-produced with Canal + and the Basque Government; El encargado (by Sergio Barrejón) and  Un novio de mierda and Democracia (by Borja Cobeaga).

Sayaka has been involved in the American anthology horror film The ABCs of Death, produced by Drafthouse Films & distributed by  Magnolia, with Nacho Vigalondo’s  A is for Apocalypse. Sayaka is also present in the anthology The Profane Exhibit, with the short film Sins of the Fathers, also directed by Nacho Vigalondo.

Besides the aforementioned works of fiction, Sayake has produced music videos for bands like El Sueño de Morfeo, Kepa Junkera, Deluxe, Zodiacs, Tontxu, Ela, Jaula de Grillos, Fangoria, Doctor Deseo, Atom Rhumba, Lori Meyers and more, and spots and viral videos for brands like El País, Kaiku, Soitu, Pikolin, Heineken, Telecable, Wopp, Cruzcampo, Brabante, etc.

Sayaka has also produced the interactive documentary  Tus Derechos 2.0 – Permiso para inventar by  Alejandro Pérez, and Garabatos, a documentary about comics by Borja Crespo. The company has also published the magazine INTERZONA, that specialises in comic.